Her best work, so far.
The most figurative and descriptive also.

They are irregular and right, as everything organic.
They have adult rigour and naive nonsense, as anything interesting.

Some are still, some are alive, some are both or abstract.
Some are unfinished, lacking solution or just inconclusive, but somehow ready.

Strong shapes and colours, more like dark and thick stains bled on a porous blanc sheet.
They only work in space and a stuffed setting chokes the weak ones.

Samples of a specific liquid becoming a meaningful solid, almost an object.
The method is pleasing, the pattern is obvious, the result is not.

It could not have been done without nature and whatever forms from it.
It is heavy and gravitates around, trying hard a soft balance.

Touching each other in unusual circumstances affects them.
A discreet sadness gives away the motives.

Like a virus, they show where they come from
but not where they are going.

And that is the way.


© Jorge Bechara
Unpublished, December 2020


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